Fighting with my friends

Years ago I had this friend. We were close, and spent a lot of time together. We shared a lot of cool experiences together, both domestically and abroad. We’d seen relationships come and go, and consoled each other through tough times. We’d drank a lot together, sang together, romped and played together. We were friends... Continue Reading →

Words hurt, you know

A week ago I had someone come to me in confidence. This person is a colleague of mine, one of my peers. By no means are we close friends, but we've known each other a few years, and we had always got along well. I liked the way they approached life, their views, their humour.... Continue Reading →

Nobody actually cares

I've never been one for hugely inflammatory or click-baity titles. I generally opt for Simpsons references and alliteration to attract readers, as it makes me feel smart and important. I can appreciate how the title "Nobody actually fucking cares" would seem to break this trend, as it alludes to Dan having regressed to the emotional... Continue Reading →

Let’s try that again…

(Edit 25/09/19: Yeah, never mind, just ignore all of that) It's time to see Fraser again. If you're one of the people who religiously reads this blog then you'll remember who Fraser is (in which case you'll probably be my mum, in which case, we're out of Sriracha). For those who don't, Fraser is my... Continue Reading →

New Year who dis?

I never force myself to write. Those who actually follow this blog (all two of you) will probably notice there are usually months between posts. I feel that when writing is forced it comes across in the words, and they feel hollow and strained and devoid of true meaning. I write when I have something... Continue Reading →

You’re not crazy..

When I was 12 I was sent to see a therapist. The circumstances surrounding the 'why' are long and mostly irrelevant, but it involves a dramatically depressing piece of creative writing and a rightfully concerned English teacher. After I submitted said piece of homework thinking I'd just secured myself a juicy A (I only got... Continue Reading →

An open letter to my ex

This is by far the most difficult piece of writing I've ever had to tackle. That's taking into account my Year 12 exams, every University assignment, and even that time I had to tell a girl it would "probably be a good idea" to go get a check up. Where are you supposed to begin... Continue Reading →

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