Threat of the camera

Well, it’s been fun readers. Our journey together has been short, bitter, and lightning quick. As much as I’d love to stick around and keep you inundated with the stories of my life, I have to be in makeup in 5.

You see, little ol’ Dan is going to be a big movie star. I can only assume that between filming, press interviews and lounging around on yachts with Leo I won’t have the time to write anymore. I’ll probably have people to do that for me.

Delusions of grandeur aside, something exciting is happening. Our team, Legacy, is heading back to the World Championships of Cheerleading and we’ve decided to document the experience!

(Yes, this is a plug, but I thought I’d get it out of the way early)

Please head to the link below, give it a look, and donate as much as can. This means the world to me and 23 others out there, and we’d appreciate all you can give!

‘Hitting Zero: A Legacy’

As a part of this a handful of athletes are getting followed around for a day to give some insight into the team and the members who comprise it. Guess who was lucky enough to be chosen!

A whole day, nine to five, following me around with a camera looking at all the interesting things I get up to such as… umm….


There’s nothing quite like the looming threat being filmed to highlight just how dull your daily routine may be.

Sure I’m a cheerleader and that’s exotic enough, but they want something fresh! The best idea I have so far is take my mother’s Labradoodle, Irving, for a walk to a trendy café and get a latte just to show what a cool modern guy I am. I can just picture the look of confusion on Irving’s face when I take him out for the second time in our lives.

He and I don’t really get along. It’s a sibling rivalry sort of thing. Don’t ask.

Consider this;

Your life is turned into a book that someone is currently reading. They’re bookmarked at this very moment. If you were them, how would you rate the book? Would you continue reading?

In my case I don’t think anyone would want to read another chapter about how the main protagonist spent his Friday night devouring two large pizzas and playing World of Warcraft for the fifth week in a row.

It may be a little unfair to expect ourselves to be Roosevelt-levels of interesting at all times, though it can be good to reflect on just how we’re spending our time and whether it deserves a shakeup.

Now excuse me whilst I go purchase a loom and take up origami.


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