The Clementine Chronicles

This is Clementine. She is a cat. She belongs to a friend of mine, Josephine. Last year, Josephine and her husband went on a holiday to Europe and required someone to care for their apartment and Clementine. Someone responsible, diligent, trustworthy and capable of keeping a sentient life-form alive. I was surprised as anyone when they... Continue Reading →

Threat of the camera

Well, it’s been fun readers. Our journey together has been short, bitter, and lightning quick. As much as I’d love to stick around and keep you inundated with the stories of my life, I have to be in makeup in 5. You see, little ol’ Dan is going to be a big movie star. I... Continue Reading →

“Achievement unlocked: 25”

Two days ago I had the tremendous pleasure of experiencing my 25th birthday. It started at 8:30 in the morning when my mother, for the first time in as long as I can remember, brought me breakfast in bed. I'll never forget the look of pride on her face as she lay a delicious breakfast... Continue Reading →

It’s Legacy, baby

A wise philosopher and social commentator once said, “big girls don’t cry” She also said something about how lovely her ‘lady lumps’ were. Regardless of your levels of love for Fergie, she was wrong. Big girls do cry, and so do big boys. We all cry from time to time. A week ago when a... Continue Reading →

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